Providing laboratory equipment since 1990
High Pressure Physics Institute
Polish Academy of Science
Since 1990 we specialize in production of high precision wire saws. Our most succesful models are incessantly on sale from 25 years. They are used in leading laboratories worldwide including: USA, Japan, Germany, France and Italy
We constanlty modify and improve our products to meet customer needs, Currently we are developing numerically controlled wire saw that is capable of cutting series of 2D curves in material thus maintaing  specimen oreintation for all silces. Curves are descirbed with AutoCad  files or with G codes. In attached pictures you can see results of test cutting.
Recently we have modernised our machinepark in Celestynow (Poland). Our new workshop is eco friendly and energy efficient due to usage of ground-coupled heat exchanger. It is home for  new horizontal and turning machine centers.
We proudly present our new wire saw "WS-25". Thanks to inovative design  it   is the first wire saw that can cut with free abresive method as well as  with diamond doted wire. WS-25 is fitted with adjustable, electronical sample support which is  moving the sample during cuting process.